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School Policies

School policies can be found in PDF form on this page.

You can find relevant Department of Education policies by following the link below:

Department of Education policies 

Some additional information….


Illness/Injury/Emergency Situations/Ambulance

The school is able to perform basic first aid only and in most circumstances we cannot provide for sick or injured students to remain at school. Parents/caregivers will be notified when students are unable to remain at school and will be responsible for their transport to home or hospital for care. Should an ambulance be required, the costs are the responsibility of parents/caregivers.


Medications, other than asthma relievers and epipens, are not routinely supplied or administered. Students on prescribed medications are encouraged, where possible to take their medication at home. If medication is to be taken at school, sufficient medication for one day only is to be provided to the office and a medication permission form will be required.  Parents are encouraged to make contact with the school for information about medication requirements at school and to discuss their child’s specific needs.

Other agencies

The school psychologist, school nurse, occupational therapist and speech therapist provide support for students with psychological, emotional, physical or social health issues. Liaison with families and referrals occur as required.