Ridley Street, Tammin
6409 Western Australia


Parking & Pick Up

  • Kindergarten children are required to be collected directly from the classroom if they are not catching the bus. (Parking on Booth or Ridley Street please)
  • Booth or Ridley Street can be used as drop off and pick up areas.
  • Redmond Street is strongly discouraged, as this road is busy at these times with buses possibly obstructing student’s vision if they need to cross the road.
  • Parents are reminded that ANY changes to student pick-up or drop-off arrangements need to be communicated by the parent or caregiver via the student diary, SMS (0437 416 596), phone 9623 4080, email (tammin.ps@education.wa.edu.au) or the office. We understand that plans do change but we cannot accept the word of students to change pick-up/home time arrangements or bus changes. We can no longer accept requests from parents or caregivers changing the pick-up arrangements or bus changes for children other than their own. If there is no written or verbal communication from a parent or caregiver changing arrangements for their own children then:
    • Bus children will be sent home on the bus as usual.
    • All other children will be kept in the school office until their parent or caregiver has been contacted.
    • It is the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to notify the bus driver of any changes to bus pick-up or drop-off.