Ridley Street, Tammin
6409 Western Australia

Our School

Vision & Mission

Tammin Primary School is a pivotal point in our community that fosters a positive and safe learning environment where everyone looks after each other; feels respected, understood and encouraged to become strong active participants in the community.

At Tammin Primary School we ensure our students achieve positive social and academic skills and knowledge with high expectations of achievement by:

  • Showing RESPECT for all
  • Promoting RESILIENT behaviours (withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions)
  • Strengthening feelings of SELF-WORTH through INCLUSIVE practices
  • COMMUNICATING positively and CONSTRUCTIVELY with others
  • Providing a MOTIVATING and STIMULATING learning and work environment
  • COLLABORATING between parents, students and staff
Our mission is to INSPIRE others to become RESOURCEFUL and INFORMED citizens who CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY to a changing world.